Single Tab Experiment

I love weird productivity experiments, so here’s one. From 10am to 10pm today I am only allowed to have one tab open at a time.


I’m trying to read an article, it’s been 10 minutes, I got two paragraphs in and then jumped to Twitter, to feedly, to Docs, to the article, to Instagram, then back to Twitter to tweet about this idea…

I also seem to have a habit of having a thousand tabs open at once on every device and as a result never do anything with them.


There are always exceptions.

  • If I am adding something to my calendar
  • If I am copying something from one place to another
  • If I am comparing something
  • If I am referencing something
  • Coding templates

I am hoping that covers everything but I could be wrong…

I use Thunderbird for my work email so that’s ok. I had a bit of a dilemma about the calendar as I use it for my daily schedule and overall daily goals. However, surely I only need to check that when I finish a task etc? Yes. So it can be closed. Most of the time I have gmail, fitbit, docs, calendar and facebook messages pinned. Those are going.

The next 10 minutes are going to be spent frantically closing tabs, GO!

One thought on “Single Tab Experiment”

  1. This worked so well I might keep it up! Really enjoyed the simplicity of one tab at a time, did catch myself a few times trying to open lots of things, but overall I’d say it helped my productivity today.

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