100 Days of Farthing Wood Animals

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100 Days Complete

Alright alright alright! Gosh darn every one of you that requested this one 😜 impossible with the size and time constraints. But I do agree it had to be done, albeit simplified. THANK YOU to everyone who liked, commented and told me out there in the real world how much they enjoyed this. It got me through the days when I really could not be bothered. I will write a blog post about this as drawing every day has made a big difference to my work and my focus. ❤️❤️❤️

Sharing Work

Last year I read Austin Kleon’s book about the importance of sharing your work. Something I wanted to overcome with this project was how much I apologise for things when I share them (“Oh I was tired”, “I did this really quickly”). There are drawings here I definitely did not want to share. I had to fight every urge to put a disclaimer with each image, particularly on days when I was ill, it was too hot or I was squeezing the drawing in before midnight.

What I had to keep reminding myself was that I was doing this because I enjoy drawing. And, to my surprise, people liked them anyway. It was win win.

The irony is I think I failed that on day 100 by discussing how difficult that last drawing was, but there we go! Something I will have to keep working at…

Every Single Day

There were days I couldn’t be bothered, but other people were enjoying the project and I knew they’d notice if I stopped. I tend to find with my habits that if I let myself stop then I almost never start again. There were a couple of weekends where I had to bulk draw beforehand as I was away, and there was one day I was so ill that I wasn’t awake at any point to do a drawing. Aside from those times, it was every single day, and it got to the point where my day felt incomplete until I’d done it.


All of the foxes, obviously. I loved them as a kid. I think Toad, The White Stag, Terence and Elephant came out quite well. The snakes were both infuriating and very satisfying to draw.

Are you still drawing?

Yes. To my surprise last night I picked up a sketchbook and began drawing without even thinking about it. I am a bit tired of the cartoon animals, and want to do more drawings like this one. However, I did enjoy the half an hour limit I had with the animals, and think it’s easier to do something every day if there are constraints. I’m still trying to decide what that next thing might be, or if I could do a full sketch in half hour chunks instead of one sitting (as is my current preference). Watch this space!