2014 Film Challenge

I watched a lot of films in 2013 and I really like taking time out once a week to just chill out with one. I’d wanted to watch my entire collection, but was about 46 films short at the end of the year. I kept track (of course) in a spreadsheet (of course) so I know which ones I missed.

My 2014 film goal is to watch those 46 films. I have a LoveFilm 2 disc a month subscription so those will take priority over existing films so that there’s still new stuff coming in. I also like the idea of once a month picking something random that’s on the iPlayer.

To help with keeping track (alongside the spreadsheet) I updated my IMDB ratings, which is something that I did last year as well. I like that you can export your IMDB ratings in CSV format. The IMDB has been around forever so I’d like to hope if they were going to disappear that I’d be able to get my data out before that happened. This is very important by the way!

I also like that IMDB has film recommendations, trivia and release dates. When I watch a film I always go on there afterwards to look at the trivia or actor/esses so this makes remembering to rate films easy. It also gives you some stats about which years you watch the most and your commonest ratings.

This may seem a bit overkill, but I love films and I hate how easy it is to forget things. Being able to glance back and see what I’ve seen and what I liked is handy.

What will you be watching in 2014?