A Musical Resolution

Alongside my other, more “regular” goals for 2013, I wanted to make some that I knew I would really enjoy. This sparked a simple idea to get me listening to a wider variety of music, and listening better.

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I have a lovely collection of records that were given to me by my Mum (some of which were my Grandad’s) and some of my own. Often on a Sunday I will stick one on and unwind to the raw, whole experience you get from listening to a real record.

I noticed that I was mostly listening to the same ones, and that there were records that had gone un-listened. This is true of my digital music collection as well, I’m a bit of a playlist junkie. I also have a habit of fixating on one song and having it on repeat until I get bored of it.

To kick off this resolution, the records are perfect. No skipping. No playlists. Just the whole album pure and simple (with a break in the middle to turn it over!).

There’s something beautiful and refreshing about listening to an album in full. It creates an even more amazing experience because it’s how the band intended you to listen to it. There are even music clubs that are dedicated to uninterrupted listening of albums.

“Everyone, stop multi-tasking, sit down, open your ears and do some heavy listening.”

So once a week I am aiming to listen to an album in full, beginning with my record collection. I will post updates of my listening here.

Albums by Week

Favourite Songs by Week

There is a YouTube playlist of these here.

  1. That’s Entertainment | The Jam
  2. Five Years | David Bowie
  3. I’m Alright | Stereophonics
  4. Pinball Wizard | Who
  5. Bedshaped | Keane – beautiful video. I love stop motion and I love piano.
  6. Meds | Placebo – one of my favourite songs of all time. Supremely weird video, but I’d expect nothing less.
  7. The 2nd Law: Isolated System | Muse – I love the video for this one. It reminds me of 28 Days Later and just makes me want to run.
  8. Dead Star | Muse – video from V Festival 2008 (which I attended). They played it at the War Child gig I went to in this week.
  9. Been Caught Cheating | Stereophonics – live from the Brixton gig I attended in this week. Lovely song that really shows off Jones’ vocal capabilities.
  10. In the House, In a Heartbeat | John Murphy – 28 Days Later is one of my favourite films, and the soundtrack makes it all that more awesome. I particularly like running to this song as it makes me feel like I’m running away from infected. It has a great build up and is suitably chilling.
  11. Goodbye Yellowbrick Road | Elton John – I chose this video for the muppet content. I love Elton’s hat.
  12. Bulletproof… I Wish I Was | Radiohead – Rather endearing animation. I love that you can still see the lines of the previous drawings. This song is perfect.
  13. Bittersweet Symphony | The Verve – This soundtrack is the album my best friend and I always play one our road trips. The journey home is always made with this blaring out. <3
  14. Heaven | Depeche Mode – Lots of people seem to be making a come back at the moment. This was one I was very glad about!
  15. The Heist | Rick Smith – Another soundtrack. Expect lots of soundtracks. I love this for running, or just getting going in the morning. Really works with the film as well. I must say this is quite a departure for me, with the exception of the rest of this soundtrack, you won’t find much in my music collection that sounds like this.
  16. Beat It | Michael Jackson – one of my favourite songs of his.
  17. How to Save a Life | The Fray – largely because of that heartbreaking moment in Scrubs.
  18. Let Down | Radiohead – ordinarily this wouldn’t be my choice from this album (I mean, there are so many good songs on this album, choosing is very difficult!) but for the week that this was my album, I had Let Down pretty much on repeat. Such a simple song, about such a simple thing, that can be interpreted in many ways.
  19. Summer Overture | Clint Mansell – I think it’s a given. Whenever anyone thinks of the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, this is what comes to mind. One of the most gorgeously depressing pieces of music ever written.
  20. Signal 30 | Public Service Broadcasting – I love these guys. Such an interesting take on music.
  21. Resistance | Muse
  22. Crawling | Linkin Park – I never thought it would be this song, but at the moment I’m really feeling it.
  23. Just That Good | The Calling – this has always been my favourite Calling song. As mentioned on Instagram, this is my oldest surviving CD from my early teens (with the exception of Placebo) so it has rather a lot of nostalgia attached.
  24. Runaway | Yeah Yeah Yeahs – one of my favourite songs ever.
  25. Down in the Tube Station at Midnight | Jam
  26. Eight Days a Week | The Beatles
  27. Don’t Stop Me Now | Queen
  28. Sail to the Moon | Radiohead – one of the most beautiful songs ever written
  29. Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor) | John Murphy – I really need to write a whole post about why I love soundtracks so very much. I love this one more than the film.
  30. Valentines Day | David Bowie
  31. I Should Have Known | Foo Fighters
  32. Billy Davey’s Daughter | Stereophonics
  33. The Bitter End | Placebo – this was a really difficult choice!
  34. The Hardest Button to Button | The White Stripes
  35. Peer Pressure | Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – my favourite film, this song makes me cry by association.
  36. Jumper | Third Eye Blind – I love this album so much, but since seeing Yes Man this song has stuck in my head.
  37. Exit Wounds | Placebo
  38. Sealed with a Kiss | Jason Donovan – whaaaat, there had to be some cheese on here somewhere!
  39. Cave | Muse
  40. Dead Disco | Metric
  41. Fat Lip | Sum41
  42. You Do Something to Me | Paul Weller
  43. Black Balloon | Goo Goo Dolls
  44. Satellite of Love | Lou Reed
  45. Butterflies and Hurricanes | Muse – favourite song in the whole world
  46. Touched | VAST – have loved this song for years since hearing it in Angel
  47. The Kill | 30 Seconds to Mars – I wanted to pick something different but this song plucks at some teenage angst nostalgia that I just can’t ignore
  48. I Stopped to Fill My Car Up | Stereophonics – saw them this week & they played an acoustic piano version of this that was SO beautiful I cried
  49. Have a Cigar | Foo Fighters
  50. What’s This | Nightmare Before Christmas
  51. Pure Morning | Placebo – I adore this video <3
  52. All I Want for Christmas | Love Actually

End of Year Review

I really enjoyed this resolution! I didn’t post every week but I did listen to an album each week. I didn’t listen to as many records as I had intended, but I did find some songs I hadn’t really heard before in my digital music.  I also found myself, when wanting to listen to a particular song, putting its entire album on at the same time.

It was nice to have something fun as a new years resolution and I’m going to do something else a bit different for 2014 as well.