Big Gig Week

2014 was particularly empty gig-wise. For someone who usually goes to 10+ gigs a year, it was a sad time! I love live music, each experience is beyond worth it!

This was Big Gig Week as I had four booked – Muse were a late, wonderfully unexpected addition to three Placebo gigs. My two favourite bands, and so much of them in one week – heaven.

(Videos included in this post aren’t from the gigs, pretty sure the only people who care about wobbly phone videos from events are the people who were there)

Placebo at the Bournemouth Opera House (O2 Academy)

We went for dinner at Zoukinis beforehand, Bournemouth’s sole vegan restaurant. The food was really good, so nice to have a lot of choice. I had the vegan roast which was an interesting quinoa/tofu thing followed by a brownie with a gorgeous raspberry sorbet.

The gig itself was really good, it’s a small venue and the place where I first saw Placebo. They performed a really haunting version of I Know (see the live version below). Brian’s voice has not lost its charm.

Muse at the Brighton Dome

My ticket buying panic was rewarded. Muse did a short run of small venue gigs to coincide with the announcement of their new album, Drones. I didn’t see Muse at all last year and was definitely having withdrawals. It was a great gig. I was sad about the lack of piano, but their playing a few rare songs and introducing some new ones made up for it. I managed to snag a spot one behind the front row, which was amazing to have them so close. I did, however, nearly die during their new song Psycho. Crazy crowd! Dead Inside is fabulous live, I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album.

Placebo at the Hammersmith Apollo

Slightly bigger than Bournemouth, a better atmosphere this time. I do on occasion wish they would mix up their setlists a bit but that slow intro to the rocked up version of Meds is worth it.

Placebo at the Hammersmith Apollo 2

Yep. I was so starved for gigs last year, I booked three of the same band in one week. I was on my own for this one so I dove in and danced the night a way with a group of really nice people. I also lost my voice by this point. I still love the reaction when the newcomers don’t recognise the live intro to Every You Every Me, and their excitement when it kicks in. This was the song that got me hooked on Placebo, what seems like a million years ago now.