Black Christmas

I’m excited. Why? Because I love cheesy horror. The Final Destination films are on my list of favourites, because they are mostly rubbish. And that’s what makes them so good.

Black Christmas – made by the people who made the FD movies, a *remake*, the cast list is mostly a remash of people from the FD films, and the annoying one from Buffy. And and and, it revolves around Christmas. Magic. I expect laughs. The clip I watched earlier floored me. It seems the producers haven’t got any less inventive with their deaths.

Friday. I’m excited. And yes I am a tad morbid.

So we saw Black Christmas. I got mostly what I expected, and was pleased to see that the Final Destinationer’s creativity with deaths was not lost (I won’t spoil it, but, ice).

It was pure entertaining rubbish! What else can I say? Like cheesy teen horror with a flimsy plot, bland acting and a woman that looks like a man, go see this film.

Kept me entertained anyway, I love picking apart horror 😀