Bones – Season 4

The writer’s strike has really messed this show up. With the rushed ending of season 3 (which was still good, but honestly needed more back story, and the whole Booth scenario needed something more), and the first two episodes yet again just seemed like a lot of character development crammed in to a short space of time to make up for the gap. Sorry writers, I’m sure you’re doing your best, but it’s not quite cutting it.

Spoilers – Not seen season 4 or the end of 3? Don’t look!

The first episode is basically a pisstake of England. We drink coffee, what the hell was all that about? How hard is it to know that a red light means stop. Does America do that differently? That’s so confusing. It was pretty funny to see Boreanaz trying to get out of the back of a traditional Mini, but I don’t know. Something was missing.

I didn’t expect Clarke to last long in the labs, and he didn’t. The girl that replaced him was so annoying, I’m glad they got rid of her pronto, although if Sweets really is sniffing up that tree, then maybe we haven’t seen the last of her.

The thing which shocked me the most was the breakup of Angela and Hodgins. Clearly the strike messed this up and there was supposed to be more of a back-story to it. Two people so in love, so committed to marriage, to seemingly so suddenly break up, and then not have that dealt with at all in episode 3, was just weird, and I expected them to be far more upset about it, considering how long it took them to get together. Maybe this’ll be redeemed at a later date, I am curious to see where it goes.

We’ll just have to see!