Buy Nothing Day

“Every November, for 24 hours, we remember that no one was born to shop, we make a small choice to participate by not participating. If you’ve never taken part in Buy Nothing Day, or if you’ve taken part in the past but haven’t really committed to doing it again, consider this: 2006 will go down as the year in which mainstream dialogue about global warming finally reached its critical mass.”

It’s this coming week. See here for more information.

I don’t think I can get away with buying nothing, I’ll need train tickets, but otherwise. Should be ok. Should.

They also have this idea for a buy nothing Xmas. I like buying people presents, and already have done, so it’s too late for me, but I must admit I did consider opting out of Xmas this year. Just because, the Xmas stuff was in stores before Halloween, and Halloween is a lot more fun and should not be overshadowed by the confused mess of emotions that is our modern day Xmas.