“Chunk” 1 Goal Review

It’s been an interesting 4 weeks though, with experiments and lots of art. As for the weekly goals…

Mindful Eating

Still going pretty well. Still one of my favourite habits to cultivate. A few slip ups and not entirely sure how to deal with it when out and about.

Eat More Veg

Good and bad. Did some interesting experiments with roasting every vegetable in my fridge, baking bananas etc. The last week or so hasn’t been so great on the veg front. Something to keep working on.

Let Go of a Vice

The vice was sugar and it’s not completely gone. The mindful eating has helped to an extent and I feel like this is really moving forward. I made some mistakes with letting myself get hungry, but that’s something I can work on.

Eat Real Food

I’m already pretty good at cooking meals from scratch, but the rules in the little book say no processed foods of any kind. I’m currently (mindfully) eating my way through my stores and then intend to phase it out. I used to be really strict about no white pasta, no white rice but an abundance of it seems to have snuck back in. I rely on pasta bakes a lot so finding an alternative to those seems like a good idea.

I feel good about the first four weeks. I have actually lost some weight which is great, the sugar/junk I’ve eaten has mostly been dark chocolate and I’ve noticed I’ve made better choices in the supermarket. It is so easy to slip into old habits though, so I need to keep things moving and not get too complacent!

Chunk 2

Exercise. Dun dun dun. I always think I hate it, but I don’t really. I love that achy feeling that lets you know you’ve done something physical. I think I still suffer from residue of school PE horror, which completely conflicts with my desire to be as nimble and strong as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve ordered the weeks to ease myself in a bit, made sure they’re things I like and know I can stick to. Watch this space!