Cornwall Day 1—To St Austell

My friend Alice and I got drunk together about five months ago and planned a trip to Cornwall. Really it’s Professor Brian Cox’s fault. I’d found this drinking game, where you watch a Wonders of Whatever and drink according to the rules.

Well, the Wonders of the Universe that we watched had three different “Brian up a mountain” shots within the first two minutes. That’s 3 finish your drinks! It was all downhill from there, and after much discussion about how amazing it is that carpet exists, we decided Cornwall was full of castles and ice cream and it must be visited!

Fast forward and we were booked in at Acorn Camping and Glamping, to stay in a Hobbit Hut! Set in the lovely Luxulyan Valley, near St Austell, it seemed like the perfect location for all the exploring we wanted to do. Plus being glamping, we still had hot water, but saved a significant amount of money on accommodation.

Our Fire in Cornwall

Our fire near our Hobbit Hut

The drive down went better than expected. I swung by Portsmouth to pick Alice up and then drove through masses of fog to reach our destination. We stopped at the Exeter services right as the Krispy Kreme delivery guy was stocking up with fresh donuts – it was fate.

We got to our destination a little early, so went into St Austell for a look around and some lunch. It’s an interesting little town, with a beautiful market hall (sadly without as many shops as it can hold). I hit up all the charity shops for some children’s books.

The hut and camping site itself were pretty good. The people were lovely and gave us some great advice about the area. It was set in the beautiful Luxuylian Valley, our hut was back in the trees and not overlooked by anyone. There was a fire pit, which we used on our first night. It was so peaceful and untouched out there, we even saw some shooting stars and a weasel.

There was no phone signal there either, which as it turned out was kind of lovely. In fact, most places in Cornwall didn’t have much signal. This was perfect for me as being cut off was exactly what I needed. It was lovely not to reach for my phone every two minutes to see if anything had happened, and when we got back I wasn’t surprised to discover that I hadn’t really missed anything.

The lack of electric light was interesting as well. We had a lantern and head torches. The fog in the night made going out to the loo ultra creepy, but that in itself was funny. A giant bumble bee tried to make its home in our shower, I have never seen one so big, it could have passed for a bird.

The only complaint we had about where we were staying was the bed in the hut. To be fair I don’t think they are meant for 5 night stays, but we ended up putting the two single “beds” underneath the futon mattress as on the first night we could both feel the slats through it. Everything else was lovely.

We were very lucky with the weather, there was fog and it rained one night but neither thing affected what we were doing. We even got a brilliantly sunny day on the Friday.

I’m not going to write in great detail about the week itself, but just do a little “picture sprinkle” for each day. I’ve been wanting to go back to Cornwall for years and this little holiday was more than worth the wait. All 710 miles of driving. Worth it.