Creative Reset Day 1

Today was my first official “no job” day. I said goodbye to 3wise on Friday and then had a fairly normal weekend. Saturday in Brighton with my best friend. Sunday on the sofa, watching Friends and having some mental downtime by playing the Sims.

I wanted to write these little posts to show that a) I’m not sitting on my arse all day watching old tv shows, b) to show myself that I’m not sitting on my arse all day watching old tv shows and c) as a motivator to not sit on my arse all day watching old tv shows.

I woke up at ten to six this morning, with no alarm (I forgot to set my dawn alarm). I was so excited about my first day off, I think that is the first time that has ever happened. I got up, and went for my first run in months. It was mostly a walk, but hey, I was outside by 6:10.

Early Morning Skies

By 9am I’d written another blog post and finished Karen Mcgrane’s Content Strategy for Mobile.

Then I decided to do some phenomenally boring things to get them out of the way. It involved spreadsheets, receipts, invoices, a shredder and a hole punch. It needed to be done and now it is!

I did some freelance bits and bobs, emailed a few clients. In a fit of excitement I actually cleaned the bathroom (miracles do happen).

I watched a film in the afternoon, Carnage, which I’d had lying around from LoveFilm for ages. It was actually quite compelling, although I was dubious at first. The ending ruined it for me, but still an interesting watch. Apparently they filmed the entire thing in real time with no breaks—that alone makes it worth a watch. Reminds me of the single shot 17 minute conversation in Hunger.

I worked a bit on a very sparkly project which I hope to share soon. I also tested out all the tools in my new sketch set (a leaving present from 3wise).

My absolute favourite thing about today (and probably my neighbours’ least favourite) was dancing around the flat for an hour to the most disgustingly cheesy 90s pop you can imagine. Hit the 90s button to see what I mean. Modern pop has nothing on our 90s awesomeness.

I’ve managed to keep my visual food diary for the first time in months. One of the most important things about this creative reset is that I look after myself. I was ill in July and just haven’t been bothered since. No cooking, no scrambled eggs for breakfast. No exercise. That on top of feeling run down from work is too much.

I must admit I am a little worried that on the days I don’t properly go out, I won’t get enough exercise. I’m hoping my fitbit will keep me in check there! It definitely has today, with more steps, floors and active minutes logged than any day at work!

All in all a successful day. I haven’t had any old TV shows on (I don’t watch any new ones, just DVDs for background noise). I actually feel very productive and incredibly happy! Here’s hoping tomorrow is as good.