Creative Reset Day 12—Lost on the Trains

My day was mostly taken up with work related things. I went to a meeting with a potential client, got lost on the trains coming back and then sorted out a follow up to the meeting.

In reality I only missed one stop on the train (I wasn’t paying attention, too busy thinking about the meeting) and so ended up sat at a random station for quite a while. Sometimes these situations are good though, because they force you to stop and be bored for a while. That’s important. Being bored helps the imagination and leaves you room to think.

It meant that when I got home I had constructed most of my follow up email in my head. Once that was all squared away, and I’d done some other emails, I sorted a few things out and settled down to watch a film called One Day.

I have no idea how that ended up on my LoveFilm list, and I still don’t know. It was nice, sure, entertaining, but not something I would have chosen to watch. Except apparently I did. I had a quick look through my LoveFilm and removed some other films. Since I only get two a month now, I decided I need to be a bit more discerning about what I put on there.

I watched a film called 360 the other day as well, it was on the iPlayer and looked good. It reminded me of Crash, just not as compelling.