Creative Reset Day 13—Animals & Music

I spent my morning running around town, trying to find things for a wedding, my afternoon at an RSPCA charity event, and my evening with another film.

I’m getting a little frustrated at my lack of art time, so that’s been bumped up on the priority list for the coming week. There really aren’t enough hours in the day.

The RSPCA event was good, but they were sadly let down by the weather. My mum was catering and my Grandad’s wife was involved with the organising. It was fun to watch the dogs, and there were some other animals to make a fuss of (including a really cute donkey).

After visiting my Grandad on the way home, I succumbed to a headache and had a nap on the sofa. Reinvigorated, I tried to sort the storage shelves in the hallway out. I brought home a lot of books from work that needed to be integrated into my main library, and I wanted to have my record collection out on the shelves instead of in a box. It’s still a work in progress, but it looks a lot nicer than it did.

That was partly sparked by the arrival of the new Placebo album on Friday, which came in a lovely box that I wanted out and about.

The film I watched in the evening was Bicentennial Man. I haven’t watched it for years. I think it’s such a sweet film, and Sam Neill trying to explain how we reproduce to a robot is hilarious.