Creative Reset Day 15—Teeth and Books

The habit of working in the morning and having free time in the afternoon has definitely kicked in. I’m not complaining, it’s wonderful that people keep wanting to give me work! It has meant that this month wasn’t quite what I envisioned, but it has been reassuring and may mean that I can spend a bit longer finding a job that I really want.

I’ve started reading two new books. I usually read non-fiction in the morning and fiction before bed. Having finished the gory, yet wonderful It, I was craving something “classic” and so settled on Mansfield Park (free on Kindle!).

I didn’t like Jane Austen until very recently. I’d tried to read Pride and Prejudice numerous times in my teen years, and always got stuck on the first few chapters. I decided to give it another try last year, one last ditch attempt. That time was very different and I could hardly put it down. It had me in floods of tears by the end of it. So, I figured, Mansfield Park might be good too.

The other book is called An Artist’s Handbook and was one I borrowed from the library.

The project I keep referring to as “the glitter project” has moved forward significantly and I’m hoping to finish it this week.

I spent the evening helping my friend print some things and then watched Placebo’s live “Loud Like Love TV” event. I’m looking forward to seeing them in December. I’ve had the new album on repeat and there are a couple of songs I’m really starting to love even if I do miss the older sound.

I had to go out in the afternoon to the dentist for a checkup. It didn’t go well. Whenever I decide to “get healthy”, the motivation is never my teeth. For some reason I forget that eating lots of sugar and carbs is going to damage them and cost me lots of money.

So, two fillings to be had. I had a wisdom tooth removed a little while ago to fix a problem with the wisdom tooth near it but apparently that didn’t work, and frustratingly I may have to have the other one out. It’s quite near a nerve so I’m now going a bit crazy on my dental hygiene to try and prevent that.

So much so that I discovered the NHS actually has a page which tells you how to brush your teeth. I thought, that’s silly, everyone knows how to do that, and then read it. Apparently I floss wrong, and who knew not to use mouthwash directly after brushing? I think I’m going to confirm that one with my dentist as I have no idea how to remember to do it at any other time.

Other less than exciting things from today included cleaning the bathroom (FYI Domestos drain unblocker really works) and using the dehumidifier my landlord finally provided for the first time. I’m slightly concerned on the energy consumption front, as he got me the cheapest one possible.

Until tomorrow!