Creative Reset Day 16—Start All the Clocks

Two exciting things happened today. One, I was featured on a design blog. Two, I went to a recording of TV show Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

I’ve known Lilian for years, we attended the same university but not quite at the same time. Occasionally we meet up and discuss web things, or run into each other at conferences. I’ve always been very impressed with her work, and a little jealous of her energy and drive with which she does it.

Lilian has been featuring Women in Web on her blog, as a “challenge [to] all of you to shout about great women in web”. A lovely idea, shining a light on some wonderfully inspiring people. And then me! I was chuffed to bits to be featured, and it has definitely started me thinking about women who inspire me.

The low number of women in tech is something that we do need to continue to work on, and the stories which get told are incredibly important. It is great that Lilian is celebrating the positives, the steps forward, as well as recognising this. Check out the other fab ladies here.

The television recording was fantastic. I don’t watch much television at all, I don’t have broadcast telly, so rely on On Demand services or going to friends houses. I have a collection of DVDs of TV shows I loved (all started more than 10 years ago) and am not really bothered about acquiring new ones.

I think a great TV show can be really wonderful, but the massive investment in time just isn’t for me. A film is self contained, a TV show can suck you in further and further. Apparently the average person in the UK watches over 4 hours of TV a day. Four hours, imagine what you could do or create during that time! All of the adverts you watch. I haven’t had broadcast television in almost 10 years and I don’t miss it at all.

All of that said, there are still a handful of shows I keep up with, all of which started more than 10 years ago (Game of Thrones being the exception). Never Mind the Buzzcocks is one of them. It is a music quiz, with panels of comedians, actors and musicians, plus a guest host who may be any of the three. There are two panel captains who are always there, and these days they are the lovely Phil Jupitus and wonderfully weird Noel Fielding.

This was my third Buzzcocks recording, and being there is a thousand times better than watching it on television. Despite the excessive queueing, sitting in uncomfortable seats, clapping until it hurts (there’s a reason these things are free) the laughs and entertainment are always worth it.

I didn’t know who any of the guests were really, but didn’t really care. The guest host was John Hannah and that was enough for me! I never thought I’d be able to say I’d seen him do the “stop all the clocks” speech from Four Weddings and a Funeral live, but I can, and I have! The whole group seemed to gel really well, there was lots of dancing and Noel had an amazing goth throne.

It airs next week, I was one seat in from the aisle when Hannah came in through the audience so I will be audience spotting like the last two times. If you’re interested in being in audiences for things, I get my QI and Buzzcocks tickets from here, my Infinite Monkey Cage tickets from here and have attempted other things from here. All are legit ticket sources.

PS Discovered this morning that John Hannah retweeted my tweet! <3