Creative Reset Day 17—Eff Eff Effity Eff

I’ve been feeling a little weird (tired) so have been resting as next week is really busy. I’ve been keeping up with work, watching some films and working on the sparkle project (more on that tomorrow).

I ended up on a bit of a John Hannah bender and watched Four Weddings and a Funeral AND Sliding Doors. I think I’m all romcommed out now. I remember that Four Weddings was the first film my mum let me watch that had swearing (and it was a long time after it came out). I still find it just as funny now.

Sliding Doors is just so sweet. Where are the 90s nice guys hiding? I would like to know.

Everything else has been continuing as usual. I was referred in for some more work which is really exciting. I’m enjoying working for myself at the moment (although am still open to job offers!)