Creative Reset Day 18—Add a Dash of Glitter

Another mostly restful day with some work. The sparkle project (a pinboard) is complete, so I thought I would explain that.

I kept a lot of stuff at the office where I used to work, and reintegrating all those things into my home has been a bit of a challenge. It’s still very much a work in progress, you do not want to look at my hallway!

Office Desk

One of the things I brought home was a large pinboard. At work it used to hang behind my desk, and I covered it in various beautiful and inspirational things.

At home, I already have two smaller pinboards. One is largely event items which have a high rotation (tickets, pictures, wristbands) and one is for photographs of family and friends. I started gluing things on the frames and pins of those a while ago, and really like the effect.

I recently moved the furniture around in my living room so I had better access to my desk, and to accommodate my new monitor, leaving a large expanse of wall behind it free. I really like having things on the wall, I know evolutionarily we’re not supposed to have clutter around, but in lots of ways it makes me feel more creative. If I wasn’t living in rented accommodation, there would be drawing and things EVERYWHERE but as it is I’m restricted to the pinboard.

Sparkly Pinboard

I decided I didn’t want to keep the pinboard the same as at work, so I painted it black with some poster paint. Not the ideal thing for use on wood and cork, but it worked better than expected. I just squeezed it directly onto the board, and used a cut up washing up sponge to spread it around. In between the first and second coats, I tipped a load of purple glitter on. I swirled this around in the second coat, and amazingly it stuck on really well. I like how subtle it is, whilst still being sparkly.

I wasn’t worried about the coverage being perfect either, as with things on it, you only see the tiniest amounts.

Sparkly Pinboard Backdrop

I wanted more for the backdrop so I glued some weird purple, glittery mesh on and two bits of sparkly fabric. It doesn’t look so great on its own, but now the board is covered in things it doesn’t matter.

The penultimate task involved something else I brought home from work. Kinder toys. For those of you that don’t know, a Kinder egg is a small chocolate egg containing a toy. In the 5 years we spent at that office, I evidently ate a lot of them! I didn’t want to just throw out the toys, but I didn’t really want to have them taking up surfaces either. Then it hit me. Ultra weird, a bit tacky, but I don’t really care. Glue them to the frame.

Sparkly Pinboard with Kinder Toys

Once glued to the frame, I covered them in spray mount and dropped more glitter on them. I also went round and glued on little things, the occasional sequin or craft sparkle. It looks really weird but I like it. And it saves them ending up inside an albatross (for now I guess).

Selecting the items to go on the board was tough, as I’ve picked up a lot of beautiful and inspirational material over the years. I settled on this for now, and have started an “inspiration box” with the rest of it.

Oh and if you’re going to do something like this… make sure you measure out the hooks for the wall before gluing anything on the frame… just saying 😉

Update 18/11/13
Other great advice—use a really strong glue. I’d say about 50% of the toys are still on there. I hadn’t had trouble with this glue before, but the toys are a lot heavier and obviously I didn’t use enough. I have collected them all up and am waiting to see if things are done falling. When they are, I will be regluing!