Creative Reset Day 2

I didn’t make any specific plans for today, with the exception of “go to a supermarket”. I did, however, make some plans for the rest of the month which is exciting.

Again I had some boring jobs to do (photographing things for eBay), but I also did a lot of writing which I really enjoyed. It was mostly about art and has set me up for something I plan to do tomorrow.

I went for another run, and thanks to my trip to the supermarket my fitbit stats were good for today (not amazing, but good). I’m really achy from all the running/exercise but it’s the good kind of achy.

I worked some more on my sparkly project. I sorted through some photos (which I will post in due course). Did a few bits of work (can’t seem to leave that alone).

I read quite a lot of Aaron Walter’s Designing for Emotion, and am really enjoying it. I had always wondered why kids toys and dolls had giant eyes/heads on small bodies. Now I know—we’re programmed to find babies cute and these things are reminiscent of babies.

I started my mindfulness practice with one of the meditations I got from a course I did a few years ago at uni. I fell asleep during and therefore failed at mindfulness-ness.

Most of my adventures today were in the kitchen. I cooked properly for the first time in over a month (I don’t know how I went so long). Dinner was good.

Oopsie Rolls

I also made a recipe I’d had on the to do list for a while, Oopsie Rolls. Gluten free and the snippet I’ve had of one was quite tasty. The texture is a little different to bread and I know I didn’t do the folding part quite right. Will see how they are with something in them.

Quite a quiet, bitty kind of day, but good nonetheless.