Creative Reset Day 20—Beep Beep Richie

I had lots to do today in preparation for the coming week, plus my brother came over to watch a film and eat popcorn.

I ran around all morning, at the supermarket, at home. Waited for the postman to come in a panic that the car to usb hub wouldn’t arrive. It did turn up, so all was well and allowed me to relax in the afternoon.

Having finished reading Stephen King’s It so recently, I added the film to my LoveFilm list. I’d borrowed the book off of my brother, so asked if he’d like to come over and watch it with me.

Since it was a mini-series originally, it is quite long at 3 hours. I was especially curious about a very young Seth Green, and to see how the actors they had chosen matched up to what I had in my head. Plus, I’d heard it was responsible for a lot of people’s fear of clowns.

We found it rather hilarious. The acting was rather wooden, the children outshining the adults (even John Ritter). Tim Curry was excellent as Pennywise, but as always my imagination did a better job of scaring me than the film. The adults didn’t match what I had in my head (or what Stephen King describes) and I imagine due to time constraints, my favourite thing about the whole book was missing.


My favourite thing in the book being the idea that the universe was vomited by a turtle that had stomach ache. I found the whole weird metaphysical aspect of the book very very weird, and I can understand why they didn’t include it in the film. But weird as it was (and having read the Stand and seen Stephen King suddenly out of nowhere insert something like that) I still found it interesting.