Creative Reset Day 21—But why is the rum gone?

I’ve been told many times before that fighting a cold can be a case of mind over matter. Knowing I have to drive almost 300 miles tomorrow has made this a necessity.

I didn’t feel I could ignore it completely. Being restful seemed like a good idea for such a long drive anyway. Aside from a manic few hours of packing, I spent the day curled up on my sofa, watching films.

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2 back to back. I’ve always thought they were fun films. Quite silly in some ways, but that’s what I like about them. A long standing Johnny Depp fan, I find the way he chameleons into the Jack Sparrow character fascinating.

I remember thinking the second one was more entertaining than the first, and everyone else thinking I was crazy. Still probably the case, but the third film was pretty good too.

The fourth I watched on a tiny aeroplane screen on a nasty flight to NYC. Perhaps not the best decision, but also not the best film.

I thought that the computer game, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean was really good. I don’t play games as much as I used to, but I do have a soft spot for the lego ones. They’re fun, you get to smash things, you get to build things and you have to collect things. All to the tune of an excellent story. What’s not to love?

Lego Batman 1 and 2 were probably my favourites, purely from a silliness angle. Lego Harry Potter was immense, and worked really well in the Lego guise. I’m not a massive Star Wars or Indiana Jones fan, but I do like the games (currently completing the third Lego Star Wars). And as mentioned, Lego Pirates is really good.

The other great thing about those games is the two player aspect. We used to play them at 3wise because it worked so well.

Bed at 9pm for a 4am start! Wish me luck.