Creative Reset Day 28—The End in the Beginning

Technically the “last day” of the creative reset, but also the day I realised I’d made enough money to keep it going for a while, so that’s what I am going to do. Possibly until January. Taking time out in Cornwall made me realise I was feeling pretty burnt out from it all and that I’d need to sort that before having the energy to throw myself back into a full time job. Part of it is undoing my mindset from my previous job as there was quite a specific way things were done there that I didn’t always feel maximised my potential. So, continuing to get back to creativity (which I know really is a lifelong endeavour) and making decisions about exactly what it is I’m going to do next. Plus more painting and projects etc.

As for the day itself, I just chilled on my sofa, eating Cornish honey and watching films.