Creative Reset Day 3

Another day, another attempt at a run. Most of my big plans are in the next two weeks rather than this one which is nice in some ways. It gives me chance to get used to the new routine and rest a little bit.

Although I have already been accused of not resting properly. I think people don’t get why one might get up early if they had no reason to. I do have a reason to, my life! I worked really hard to get to this point, but I still feel incredibly lucky to be able to take time out like this.

My morning routine is always the same, it’s a variant of what I had when I was working. Get up, exercise, breakfast, shower, get ready. Write for half an hour. The half an hour I had to travel to work I am now using to read.

This morning I finished reading Aarron Walter’s Designing for Emotion. As I mentioned yesterday, it was a really enjoyable read. Plenty of tips and case studies, really useful ideas and questions. You can get a copy at A Book Apart.

The writing I did this morning was a snippet of a story, a silly little romantic thing involving dancing and mistletoe. Yes, mistletoe. For some reason Christmas has been in my head since last week. I don’t know if it’s the block of time off, the days getting shorter or what, but it’s there.

All of that happens by 9am. I don’t know why, but feeling like I’ve already accomplished so much frees me up to enjoy the rest of the day. I love the hour of reading and writing because it’s mine. I have a feeling when I get another job, I will still be finding a way to fit that into my morning.

I worked this morning, I quite like working in the mornings. Again it makes me feel really productive, and then I don’t have to worry about it later in the day.

I was going to go to the library today but I’ve switched it to tomorrow. It’s supposed to be hotter tomorrow so their air conditioning sounds like a good idea (my flat is a glass sided, south facing oven). I had to go and pick something up from the local retail park so I counted that as my outing today.

Sounds like a boring outing, but instead of driving like I usually would, I walked. It is roughly a 3 mile round trip, so it also meant that my fitbit tipped over 10k steps for the first time this week. I’d been hitting 8k on the other days, which is still 5-6k more than when I was at work! I think I’m more conscious of it and making more of an effort because I don’t want to turn into a potato.

The walk worked out well anyway. It was really sunny this afternoon, so I jammed my headphones in and just walked. Just enjoyed the sun, the music and the gentle ache in my muscles (from all the “running”). Also enjoyed that it was 2pm and I wasn’t at a desk.

I got to see some things I never notice when I’m driving. A bizarrely beautiful building that doesn’t look like it should belong in Woking had me pretty enchanted. Yes, enchanted. In Woking. So much so that I forgot to take any photographs. Must get better at that.

I stopped in at Hobbycraft while I was at the retail park and managed not to spend any money. Did do a little supply research for another project so that’s good!

I’ve also been sorting through my art supplies. I’ve pulled them all out of the cupboard where they are tricky to access and am trying to figure out where I can store them for easier usage. It’s all just out at the moment, and I’m quite enjoying looking at it all and thinking of the possibilities.

Old Train Tickets

I found my hoarded train tickets from my early university days. I had an intention back then of doing something interesting with them (I still may). I’ve put them next to my keyboard so you can see the scale. That’s not all of them, and is pretty much just 2005/06. I commuted from Godalming to Portsmouth for the first two years of university. Everyone said “you’ll get so much work done on the train” (it takes just over an hour) but I never did. I just sat with my headphones in, staring out the window. Just being. Need a little more of that!

Sparkle project has moved on, glue is holding well. I also turned the wrappers from some crayons I melted into something so will post that with the sparkle project.

I’ve been reading Stephen King’s “It” before bed which is probably a silly time to read a scary book. Really enjoying it though, how does he build up characters like that? I just get so sucked in.

And now, because I am quite tired (still getting used to the routine) I am going to sit on the sofa, watch Friends and play a silly game.

PS The Oopsie Rolls from yesterday were really good. I had some with Nutella, and some with houmous and spinach. Very yum! Filling, and quite bread-like even though they don’t feel like bread.