Creative Reset Day 4

Another day, another run. More scrambled eggs. Another blissful hour of reading and writing (a soon to be published post about luck and my kitchen tap).

Much to my annoyance, I had to spend 45 minutes installing my Wacom graphics tablet. I had to install an older driver, and even then it was some kind of voodoo magic that suddenly made it recognise the pen. It is scary to think how much time we lose over these kinds of things, very frustrating. I did a bit of digital drawing anyway, and some work that needed the tablet.

I’ve been pleased with my lunches so far. Weekend lunches had been cheese toasties up until now, but the “feeling” of extra time has meant something salady alongside some houmous and bread/oopsie rolls. The number on the scales has gone down a little which is good, I really wasn’t paying attention in August and it had crept up. I’m going to a wedding in a couple of weeks so it would be nice not to feel self conscious about it (yes, that is entirely my issue. I am allowed to not be happy with my weight, it’s how I feel that’s important).

In the afternoon I went into town with two goals in mind. 1) Pick up more salad, 2) Go to the library and be with the books.

I love libraries. When I was at university I was in there all the time. Hell, when I was at school I basically lived in the library. I’ve loved books as long as I can remember. It may be to do with growing up as an only child, and spending a lot of time alone with only my imagination for company. I don’t know for sure, but I do know that I love books.

Libraries are amazing because they’re free access to information for everyone. There were lots of people in there today and it was lovely to see. They also offer free online subscriptions to magazines, which means I can keep reading .net! 3wise used to buy it and I was going to miss it, but hey, I can still get it, so yay!

I started out in the children’s section. I’ve never really grown up (as evidenced by spending 30 minutes sorting through some of my old Beanie Babies this morning). Mostly I wanted to see what Enid Blyton books they had, and I was sadly disappointed. All they had was the Faraway Tree and some “updated” versions of Malory Towers. I had a read of one and it just seemed weird to me. I’m starting to wish I’d kept all my original Blyton books as I get the impression they may vanish over time.

I also had a look at what Nancy Drews they had (can you tell I like mysteries?) and they did have two, but not the old school ones with the yellow covers. I only found out a couple of years ago that they were written by different people all under one name. Things made much more sense then. Whoever did the yellow covered ones was my favourite.

I spent the rest of the time in the art section, looking at books about drawing, Constable, Bosch and album covers. I brought two books home, one a generic overview of how to art, and the other about “how to draw gothic“. I don’t mean gargoyles, I mean goths. It sounded like such an unusual niche for a book that I had to borrow it. From what I read of it in the library it does have some interesting portraiture tips (something I am very interested in) so why not?

The generic one had a lot of details about different tools. I’ve written something longer (to be posted) about how I felt some things were missing from my A-level art education and the deeper understanding of what I was using was one of them. I’m all for experimenting and figuring it out yourself, but I have some things which I really don’t know what to use for. Plus then there are rules to break.

I had sorted through more of my art supplies today and it brought that to the forefront of my mind. Tomorrow I will be drawing, I’m quite excited. I have been drawing off and on all week, but tomorrow will be a proper “art day” 🙂