Creative Reset Day 5

It’s the end of my first “working week” and I’m almost as tired as I was from being at work. As mentioned on day 1, I didn’t want to just sit on my arse, so I’ve kept myself pretty busy. I’m realising why half this stuff doesn’t usually get done.

Today was an art day. I spent some time deciding what I wanted to achieve artistically, and then what “briefs” I could come up with to help me do that.

I essentially have two projects, and they are in fact the same as the first two I did for AS level art 10 years ago (I freak out every time I realise it was that long ago). There’s an element of reassuring myself that I have moved forward, but as you would expect, they’re a good introduction to art.

Over the last two years in particular, I haven’t spent as much time on art as I would like. I still draw, I still paint, but neither very in depth. I try and do a “daily doodle”, but that’s the extent of it. And I MISS it. I miss the tangible, I miss that connection with my work. I miss expressing myself visually. I miss the feel of it, the smell of it. I miss that part of myself.

Om nom nom

Om nom nom. An example of a daily doodle. I have loads that I need to photograph.

Using similar briefs to the AS level ones seemed like a really good way of reintroducing myself to art. Readjusting. Resetting. This is my creative reset, after all!

The first brief centres around still life. I love drawing “things” and I want to explore different media more. This offers opportunities to figure out how colour works (hey, clouds aren’t white and shadows aren’t black!), how to really SEE form (things don’t have outlines) and I get to draw things. The big question is “how can I create?” This brief is a technical exercise, and I’m using it to get my rusty skills up to scratch.

The second brief is “Identity”. I have several reasons for doing this, those above, and I want to produce redesigns for both my sites ready for interviews come October. I realise art and design aren’t the same, but they do borrow from each other. I first want to explore the idea of my identity visually, without the usual constraints set by design. I’m hoping in doing so I will be able to create something truly unique, that showcases my talents and ability at its best. I also want this blog to be a better reflection of me (instead of a default theme), and am willing to go a bit crazier with it.

Within identity, I want to look at portraiture. Faces, why we recognise people from faces. How actors change their faces to match their characters (this one will make more sense in time). I want to look at artist’s own self portraits. Why is identity important? I love to draw eyes so there’s an element of that in here too.

Each brief will instruct and inform the other. I’m really excited about it and did my first drawing today for Still Life.

Still Life - Cup

I didn’t finish it as such, but got it as far as I wanted to. I used a single HB pencil, and my biggest goal was not to have outlines. It’s been a really long time since I’ve sat down to draw “a thing” (everything in the last 2 years is either a doodle, or a portrait) so the shape is a bit wonky, and I’m still showing a fear of really honing in on the darks. Otherwise I’m happy with it. I enjoyed doing it, and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

The above explains why I’m also busy sorting out all my art materials, and trying to find ways to store them that are more easily accessible. All my pencils and charcoal pencils are now in a pen pot on my desk, and all my paint is in a big easy to access box, instead of spread across lots of little boxes. There’s still a way to go as I figure out the rest of it, but I’m getting happier with the organisation.

I was kind of bummed out about the ending of Forty Days of Dating. Not so much because of how it ends (I’ll try not to spoil it, go read it) but because it’s over. Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman spent 40 days dating each other and then shared each daily review with the world, one day at a time.

Not only did the story/psychology aspect keep me coming back, but the gorgeous attention to detail grabbed me as well. The website itself is beautiful. They had friends do custom lettering for different things. They photographed everything relevant. They did little videos. They showed text messages and emails in unique ways. This level of attention to detail really appeals to the insane completionist in me, so I’ve been really looking forward to each day’s post.

I’m happy with how this week has been. I think I have been a little hard on myself, but it’s paid off. Now that I don’t have to fit my freelance work in exclusively on a weekend, I am looking forward to treating a weekend like a weekend again. More drawing tomorrow, and a really lazy Sunday!