Creative Reset Day 7—Sorting & The Sims

I’ve always enjoyed keeping Sunday as a quiet day. I try not to do any work if I can help it, and free myself to do whatever I want—no matter how lazy.

I spent some time in the morning reading this wonderful website about art coursework. I wish it had existed when I was an art student, because the information is fantastic. There are some really beautiful pieces of work in the case studies, and really enjoyed this exploration of junk food and desire.

I recently started playing The Sims 3 again. It’s one of my guilty pleasures, but it appeals to both the control freak and completionist in me. It’s nice to have something that’s different to everything else that I do, but does allow for some level of creativity (designing houses, people, stories etc). Lots of new stuff had come out since I last played so I just explored that with my pink haired witch sim whilst watching Friends.

Pink Haired Sim Witch

In the afternoon I first went to my mum’s and took a lot of my clothes from my “bag of shame” to be redistributed. I call it my bag of shame, because it’s just full of things that no longer fit me and has sat there for years, taunting me. I have lost weight during that time, but some of the clothes were what fit me in my late teens and I’m not even sure if that’s possible now (or healthy!) So, out with the old to make room for the new. I kept my favourite pieces and now no longer have this big bag of unworn clothes under my bed.

I then went to my father’s to spend time with my brother and sister. Watched a bit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which seems even more bizarre now I’m a “grown up”.

My sister recently got some tiny hamsters, and since mine passed away a few weeks ago, she bought my cages off me. Setting those up was a lot of fun. The hamsters decided that now they had all this wonderful space, they were going to live in the tubing system that connects the cages—go figure!

Good, relaxing day.