Creative Reset Day 8—Things Can Only Get Better

The weather was rather rainy today so I switched my plans round. I worked during the day and then took some time in the afternoon to do another quick drawing.

This time I tried using charcoal. It has been a really long time, and I had forgotten how well it could create the illusion of glass. I left it unfinished as it was the glass I was interested in.

Charcoal Jar

I wanted to finish reading It this week, despite only being halfway through. I am starting to learn that even without a full time job, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

I took some time to read a few content strategy articles. I’m having to write some content myself at the moment, and reading Designing for Emotion has piqued my interest.

I found this rather interesting case study about landing pages a while ago, and had a good read through of it today. I always knew questioning the user’s needs were a good idea, but I never really thought about just how much you need to make it about the user. It’s well worth a read.

I’m starting to feel the pull of my portfolio and we’re only a week in, so I expect I’ll start poking and prodding at that over the next couple of days. I want to update the content before the redesign happens as that will be a little ways off.

This tweet from Robin Ince had me rather excited, I went to the End of the World show last year and it was fantastic. One of the best night’s entertainment I have ever had, even if they did bring D:Ream on at the end 😉


Here is a really blurry photo from last year’s End of the World show. Professor Brian Cox is on piano, and that’s the dude from D:Ream singing “Things Can Only Get Better” 🙂