Fallout 3 Screeshot Save Problem

Because this was driving me loopy, I thought I’d save this here.

The problem: Trying to take screenshots in Fallout 3 seemingly did nothing at all. Prnt Scrn is all you need, the game says “ScreenShot#.bmp created”, but alas the bmps are nowhere to be found. Fact – I know it works, I’ve managed it on the other half’s PC, and for some reason the very first screenshot I took *did* save.

For reference: The game saves screenshots in your c:/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3 folder (or wherever you installed the game)

OS: Vista

The solution: Google won, Barrett.50 had the answer. Vista’s file permissions were preventing the files from writing to the folder.

How to fix:

Click to full view

Click to full view

1. Right Click the Fallout 3 folder (wherever you installed it)
2. Choose “Properties”
3. Select the “Security” tab
4. Choose “Edit” (Vista made me authorise this)
5. Select your username from the list, or if you’re the only user it may be just “COMPUTER NAME/Users”
6. Then tick “Write”
7. Make sure you click “Apply”

Test it out – if the game still won’t save them you may not have enabled the write permission for the correct user – have a look and see which ones are missing it and do the above.

Hope that’s helpful. Thanks to Barrett.50 for the heads up. And yes that is Vista in the screenshot, I’ve just got all the visual effects turned off at the moment 😉