Film: Everlasting Moments

The premise of Everlasting Moments grabbed me right away. Maria Larsson finds her “must”, photography, in the midst of war, with 6 children and an abusive husband.

The title is perfect, as it is the “moments” which make the film. Her simple joy in the act of taking and developing the pictures drew me in, and even had me snot-crying at one point. She saw the world, really saw it, and used the camera to pinpoint that.

The relationships shown in the film give it context and texture, the photographer, the children and her husband. The music moving the story and emotion along. I often worry when watching a subtitled film that I won’t understand the tone, or how the people are really expressing themselves, but that wasn’t so with this.

I don’t want to spoil it too much, but I will say that one of my favourite moments involved her absolute joy at successfully photographing her cat. Even 100 years ago people loved to do that!

I sometimes ponder that photography is too easy now. I both love and hate that it is. You can take 100 photos and hope that one comes out in a reasonable state. There’s no waiting, no mystery. No physical connection with what you’re actually making (my issue with everything digital). Everlasting Moments reminded me how important it is to stop and appreciate the “now”, to be present with what you’re doing.

A beautiful story and a wonderful reminder of what makes our hobbies, our “musts” so important.