Graduation and the Big Move

Posts long overdue…

The last two months or so has been quite a rollercoaster, so much so I’m still not sure what normal is!

Me and the mister at our graduation, outside of the Guildhall, Portsmouth.

July 21st the mister and I graduated from university with a bachelor of arts in design for interactive media. I managed to get my first class honours despite glandular fever doing it’s level best to ruin my second year.

Dressing up in the gowns was great fun, I got to do a batman impression (if he had pink hair…).

The ceremony was great, it felt good to have a final “closure” as it were for something I worked so hard for. Sheila Hancock, the chancelor of the university gave an awesome speech at the end. She’s such a great lady and it was an honour to meet her, allbeit briefly.

I also enjoyed watching the mister and my friends graduate. The trip to the pub afterwards was well deserved 😉

You can view more graduation photographs on my Facebook.

I moved into my little apartment not long after that. I’m on the third floor from the car park entry and it was the hottest day of the year.

Fortunately for me I had an ever helpful mother and mister, and the help of Paul’s Moves. He was a great help – if you need a man and a van, check that link and ignore what the website looks like 😉

With the arrival of “The Sims 2: Apartment Life” I’ve made a sims version of my apartment block. Once The Sporum returns and I find the time, you’ll be able to peruse and download the lot for your games.

I love my little flat and it feels quite homely now I’ve been here a while. I had a housewarming with excessive pizza, and my birthday drinks out on the balcony.

I’m not too keen on being so close to town, the estate agent and it is a bit expensive, but it’s more than adequate for now.