Happy New Year & Project 365

Happy new year everyone! I’m having a fantastic day off, sitting in bed, surfing the web and eating chocolate – bliss.

The one thing I’m trying not to let ruin my day is my phone. Messages from last night were coming through  strangely, so I thought I’d switch it off and back on. It won’t turn back on. This is apparently not an uncommon problem and fixes cost money and all the data stored on the phone. Fortunately my pictures and things are on the external memory card, but my contacts,  messages and a few other bits and bobs are not. I’m also generally unhappy with the phone. The OS has had it’s quirks, and the other week it randomly deleted all the default themes shipped with the phone.

It’s still under manufacturer’s warrenty, but part of me stopped trusting the phone a while ago. I’ve only had it 14 months. I want to go back to a Nokia 🙁 I just bought a new camera though, not really looking to spend precious funds on a new phone. I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, back to new years… 2008 recap! I…

…turned 21
…moved into my very own place
…started working fulltime for the very first time
…had a second anniversary 🙂
…generally entered the world of the grown up

I have no idea what’s going to happen this year, which is weird after knowing for the last 17 years or so of full time education exactly what would happen each year. I do know what will happen this month though:

Websites, websites, websites. The ones which have been in the works the last few months will launch or get close to launching.
At work work there should be some exciting design stuff happening!
More photography!
I’ll cave and get a new phone

Project 365

I tried it last year and made it to June with a fair few missed days. This year I hope to make it a bit further! I have a new camera, a Pentax Optio S12, which is so dinky it fits in my pocket but still gives a great picture and has plenty of options. Would have loved that digital Leica I saw, but it was 6 times more expensive!

For the time being – until I sort out a photo gallery here on my hosting – I’ll be posting the pictures to my Shuttercal. I don’t want to pay for another flickr subscription and think I’m almost all out of room on there, plus Shuttercal was specifically designed for this 🙂 I’ll put monthly mosaics on here too! I’ve not taken today’s picture yet, trying to think of something appropriate 🙂

Happy new year everyone!