How to Make Eggy Waffles

Detailed instructions on how to make eggy waffles.

I actually love recipe posts that have photos of each stage, it’s really handy when it’s unfamiliar territory. I just wanted to make eggy waffles and take silly pictures, so did a sort of parody. It was entirely to satisfy my Tuesday evening silliness. Enjoy!

The instructions are actually very simple and eggy waffles are very tasty.

Do a Eggy Waffle

  1. Fry 2 potato waffles
  2. Whisk 2 eggs together
  3. Pour eggs over waffles in fry pan
  4. Turn over
  5. Put in your face

Detailed Instructions WITH PICTURES

You will need:

lr-web-eggy-waffles (1)

  • A plate
  • A knife
  • 2 forks
  • A spatula
  • A fry pan
  • A fry pan lid (kind of optional, cooks things quicker if used)
  • Something to decant oil with
  • A mug
  • OPTIONAL: A cheese grater (makes cheese greater)

You will also need ingredients:

lr-web-eggy-waffles (6)

  • Two eggs (these are large and free range)
  • Oil of some kind (vegetable or sunflower works best, but here I am using olive oil. Butter can work, but you have to keep more of an eye on it so it doesn’t burst into flames)
  • Two frozen potato waffles (Birdseye don’t add sugar to theirs)
  • OPTIONAL: Cheese (is awesome)


lr-web-eggy-waffles (7)

These waffles are ready to get eggy.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (8)

Put some oil in a pan and heat it up. I use a medium to high heat to start with.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (11)

lr-web-eggy-waffles (14)

While that is doing it’s thing you can crack the eggs into a mug. If you don’t know how to crack eggs then there are plenty of videos on youtube. I often make a mess at this stage so I’m not the person to ask!

lr-web-eggy-waffles (16)

Crack the other egg.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (19)

Whisk them with the second fork! This is very exciting for the eggs.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (21)

Take a break and make a cup of tea, because you deserve it. None of this own brand shit. PG all the way. Tea instructions.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (23)

To test if the oil is hot enough, you could poke it with your finger. I don’t recommend it. I use the corner of a waffle to test. If it bubbles, chuck those waffly waffles in.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (24)

Look at them, soon to be extra delicious.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (25)

If you put the lid on it cooks them through a bit quicker. You want them nice and crispy.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (27) lr-web-eggy-waffles (28)

OPTIONAL: You could grate some cheese to make it greater. This was the first time I involved cheese. Eggy waffles are awesome all by themselves.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (30)

Once the bottom of the waffles are golden brown, turn them over.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (33)

When the waffles are all cooked, but not nearly burning, pour the eggs over the top. You want to fill all the holes! One egg is not enough for this, and two is too many, you end up with a sort of giant waffle pancake/omelette.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (35) lr-web-eggy-waffles (36) lr-web-eggy-waffles (37)

Cook the egg. The fry pan lid comes in handy here.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (38)

When they are a bit more cooked, and not snotty, use the spatula to cut the pancake in half. This makes them easier to flip over.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (39)

Flip them over. Glorious! Cook a tad longer.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (40)

Put the cheese on top. You could grill it for crispiness, but I was feeling lazy.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (43)

Put on a plate.

lr-web-eggy-waffles (44)