I like sleeping.

Just a fact. I’ve been pretty busy with the review deadline today for my self elected project, so here are yesterday’s and today’s photographs.

JazJan 9th – 😛

I did take this yesterday, but only got chance to post it today. Need to sort today’s out later too 🙂

Took this with my phone cam, was getting ready to go off out to class. Don’t know why I snapped it, this isn’t me at all, I look way too cutesie here. It’s probably the hair clip 😉

Invincible doodleJan 10th – Invincible

I’ve had a busy day. I love my desk. I draw on it all the time. It’s where I make my art, do my work, think etc. So the doodles are important to my process.

These are part of the lyrics to Invincible by Muse. I have the entire song written on there. I love it.