Ink Drawings

I’m trying to get back into some art materials I haven’t used for a very long time. Oil pastels as mentioned the other day, and ink. I was struck by the lovely illustrations in my ancient Famous Five collection and so though I’d give some of them a try.

They are both out of proportion, but I was more focussed on style. Trying to figure out what made each decision—why is this a thick dark line, why is this hatched, what makes an ear? Ultimately I want to do some original drawings in this style, but looking at the doodle at the end I need a bit more practice 😉

The Famous Five ink copy The Famous Five ink copy
I tried doing one of my own, but like I said, more practice required! It’s lacking in the lovely dark areas and I think I was actually trying to be too detailed…

Ink doodle by Jaz