Pencil Drawing of Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie by Jaz

A few days ago I shared a work-in-progress shot of a drawing. I watched one of my favourite movies (Girl Interrupted) and was inspired by an image of Ryder and Jolie that I’d found on Pinterest. This is it, sort of finished. Finished to the point where I’m tired of it, anyway.

I’m still not 100% happy with this, although I think there improvements over my Hermione drawing. The paper gives great texture, but that doesn’t work so well with the detail.

It was also the first time (ever) I tried out using a grid. It was interesting, as it gave me more reference points and I think tightened up the form somewhat. I do prefer to freehand, but since learning to draw is about learning to see, I think it helped with that.

As seems to be my preferred method of late, this is pencil with pen and markers worked in.