Lightbox Gallery Woking

We’re fortunate in Woking to have our own gallery. Even more fortunate that it is free to visit! When I have people to stay it is always one of the things on the list. They have tons of interesting art, and often things you wouldn’t see anywhere else.

We were astonished to find a Renoir exhibition in the main room. It’s made me realise I need to pay more attention to what they’re up to. In amongst all the indie art, and curious exhibits (Kenwood kitchen appliances? Was actually really interesting), they sometimes get stuff that is more well known.

The top floor had a wonderful exhibition of animals in art. My favourite piece was a large charcoal drawing that took up the entirety of one wall. It had big cats and crocodiles, was loose and detailed at the same time and was stunning in its impact. I can’t find it online which is a shame.

Peaches and Almonds 1901 by Auguste Renoir 1841-1919

Of Renoir’s work, I fell in love with “Peaches and Almonds” because of the way he used colour and texture. I’m busy investigating still life at the moment, so it was wonderful to see something like this up close.

The Lightbox gallery is always worth a visit, so look it up next time you’re in Woking!