There’s nothing quite like a summer storm. There seem to have been a lot this year. Last night was the first time one had properly woken me up, and judging by social media, it woke everyone up.

I was so overawed in the beginning, with it feeling as if it were right outside, that I didn’t even think of my camera. The flashes were so bright that I was temporarily blinded. The thunder so loud it shook the building, and in one instance made me sit down in shock.

I got some photos. They are not brilliant, as it was only when the storm moved towards London that I thought to take them. This meant they were taken through rain soaked windows, with the town as a backdrop rather than less light polluting trees. Lesson learned.

Taking photographs of lightning is difficult because it’s so hard to predict. I seem to alternate between using the bulb setting and just using a fast shutter. Wide aperture to capture lots of light though. I’m sure others out there have better tips, and there are some really great pictures doing the rounds.

Throwback to 2004 and 2006

We had some excellent storms in 2006. I had previously lost these shots when my hard drive corrupted. It was only by using Ubuntu that I was able to rescue them, many years later. I hadn’t shared them here, so here they are!