Movie Review: The Return

Everyone knows I love terrible horror, but this went beyond terrible. I can’t name another horror film that I’ve wanted to turn off halfway through because I’ve cared so little about the plot. I guess Sarah Michelle Gellar fans might have liked it, but to us it was just a movie comprised of lots of minute long shots of people walking towards things, little tension, and very little to relate to.

I think their efforts to build tension were what damaged it, they gave little away about what was going on, they went too far with this at times I thought. The introduction to characters was also rushed, and didn’t give you an opportunity to relate to them or how they were feeling – resulting in nothing to engage with.

Also, it lacked in people dying. It got near the end, and both of us were asking why no one was dying. The fact that you didn’t know someone had made the first half of the film seem pointless – simply because you didn’t know.

I give it 3/10, just because I think I should give it something for trying.