Yesterday was Muesday. Yesterday was awesome.

I’ve never been to a gig before. I am evidently very deprived. We went to Wembley, to see Muse. Hence, Muesday.

The crowd was rather boisterous, so whilst we were near the front for the first song we did move back a bit so as not to die or something.

It was amazing.

The set list (found here) was as follows:

Take a Bow – amazing intro, people got quite into the “you’ll burn in hell” part. I was a bit distracted by all the being thrown from side to side and what not, but it was still awesome.
Video@myspace Shortvid@youtube Vid@youtubeBestvidthusfar@youtube
New Born – I was dying to see this. I love the piano bits in their songs. Thus, the intro to this song, is amazing, and it was even more amazing seeing it live.
Video@youtubeland Video2@youtubeland
Butterflies and Hurricanes – This is my favourite Muse song. Ever. Therefore, them playing it, well. It. Was. Amazing. Just how Matt plays piano like that is beyond me.
Vid@youtube Pianosolovid@youtube Vid2@youtube
Assassin Vid@youtube
Map of the Problematique Vid@youtube
Plug in Baby – Shiny. Shiny. Shiny.
Soldier’s Poem – This was pretty special. Matt told peeps to get their mobiles/lighters out. I think Wembley holds something like 12,500 people, so looking back over the crowds was stunning.
Invincible – The whole arms in the air thing. The music. I loved it. Probably one of the best songs they performed, although that said it is reallyreally hard to choose.
Vid@youtube Vid2@youtube
Supermassive Black Hole – This song gives me a buzz, live, was just. I hate to keep using the words amazing and awesome. But that’s really what it was.
Video@youtubeland Vid2@youtube
Forced In
Time is Running Out – One of the things I really liked is how they did different intros, outros and stuff. Half the time you didn’t know what they were about to play because it didn’t quite sound how you expected. This was one of those. I was glad they played it, I remember years ago when it first came out, it felt nice and nostalgic.
Starlight – I loved this. The clapping. The everything. I really love the lyrics to this.
Vid@youtube Vid2@youtube
Stockholm Syndrome – My favourite parts were the “this is the last time…” bits, everyone got all arms in the air-y.
Vid@youtube Vid2@youtube Vid3@youtube
Citizen Erased
Bliss (with balloons) – Balloons. Balloons are awesome. Although they were the wrong side of the arena for us really. Bliss is also an excellent song, and this was all very excellent.
Hoodoo – Shiny piano. Lots of it. 😀
Knights of Cydonia – Great finale. The on screen type was a bit cheesy, but that’s ok. My arms almost died at this point. I still can’t really move them very well.
Vid@youtube Vid2@youtube Vid3@youtube

I checked out flickr, as you do, and thus far there are two people with sets of photos from last night – you can check those out here and here.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I want to see them again. Right now. I loved the set list too. Especially as they played Butterflies. That made my week.

Will probably update this shortly.