Nails: Week 18—Beltane

Nails: Silver & Blue

As has been the case a few times, these didn’t turn out as planned. I wasn’t feeling too great and I guess it messed up my concentration. I was planning on having a pentagram on each thumb in celebration of Beltane this week, and then a half moon on each fingertip.

The tips are ok, but both pentagrams turned out badly. I’ll get the hang of striping tape one day! I’m actually intrigued by what happened on my left thumb, it’s a grungy mess but it could be a handy effect when required by a different mani. My piece of advice with that one is always make note of what order you put the striping tape on! I pulled the wrong one and it smudged the whole thing.

Nails: Silver & Blue

The pentagram on my right hand has the wrong shape as I didn’t get the angle of the tape right.

Oh well, live and learn! I still got to use my inky blue polish that I love.