Nails: Week 36 B—dConstruct

Nails: dConstruct

I was the lucky one who won a dConstruct ticket in SiteGround‘s draw. Since my glitter nails got decimated at Reasons To (yep, I’m all conference, all week!) I thought I’d change it up.

The greeny effect is an interpretation of the website header, the orangey red on the calls to action and the “d” is part of the logo.  The white nail has the SiteGround logo as a thank you (sponsored nail!) for the ticket.

My right hand just has the green and some lines. Should have thrown more yellow in, but looks darker on my iPad. Drawing on one’s curvy nails is super hard. Having designed a typeface, I can see all the little things wrong with the “d”, but hey, it sort of looks like it… 🙂