Nails: Week 37—Pink Gromit

Nails: Stats the Way to Do It Lad

I wanted to use a theme from something I liked from all the conferences I attended last week. I chose Gav Strange’s giant Gromit from the Gromit Unleashed event. It is easily one of the coolest things I have ever seen. He’s pink and gold with a spiky collar, and who doesn’t love Gromit?

I have to remind myself that each time I do something new with my nails that it is ok for it not to be perfect. Again, these did not turn out how I had in mind. Gromit’s eyes should be round (difficult to do!) and I hadn’t used these triangle gems before. But hey, my nails are pink and gold and have a face! I do like that the eyes ended up raised, I think if I do a more “standard” Wallace and Gromit set that will be something I play up.

PS Go check out the other Gromits, and Gav’s work!