No Added Sugar in Action—Week 1

The first week without refine sugar has been a successful one. As is often the way, there were headaches and tiredness, but these were matched with improved sleep and productivity.

I didn’t feel like I was missing out. My meals were largely the same. I did get a bit tired of eggs and potato waffles, which I found odd as after two years I’ve never tired of eggs on toast! I’m not happy with my little meal (spinach, ryvitas and cheese), but it’s more because it’s not something I want to eat. It feels like it needs more involved, so I need to experiment here.

I did break out a couple of nakd bars which were intended for emergencies whilst out and about. I didn’t have them every day, so I’m not that worried. They are technically allowed, I’m just very conscious that they have a lot of sugar for something that has no added sugar. Moderation is the key I suppose!

I didn’t have honey until the Sunday which surprised me. I had a few apples, sultanas and the aforementioned nakd bars. Other than that, everything has been savoury.

Since all food has sugar occurring naturally, I was interested to see how much difference cutting the refined sugar made to total intake.

Instead of 100-200g, it dropped dramatically to 15-30g. My lowest day, I had macaroni cheese! I think that’s a good difference.

I’m looking forward to continuing. I’m starting to feel my energy pick back up, and I was very pleased with my productivity. I want to add more vegetables in, and learn to make some healthy banana cake of some kind. However, I am not beating myself up if I don’t do those things in this four weeks. Keeping the refined sugar out is the goal. I can eat as much as I want of anything else. One thing at a time – we all know how important that is!