Paint Bubble Fun

I invited my brother over to make some art with me. I’d had this idea about bubbling paint, something which I’m pretty sure I did at infant school. It’s fun, messy and abstract. We accidentally ate more paint than is probably ok, but oh well. Read on to see our messes!

How to bubble paint

It’s really easy. You need some containers. Some paint—I’d recommend poster paint for the right consistency, but we did use some of my older acrylics too. Mix the paint with some water and washing up liquid, we were not scientific about this. Blow through a straw, bubbles everywhere! Put paper in the bubbles to “print” them.

What we made

Everything was still wet when I photographed it. Today as some of it has been drying, it has made some new and exciting things visible!


Dean made a bunch of things,  I liked the two below the best but they were all very interesting.

Zombie apocalypse by Dean

Zombie apocalypse by Dean

Puffer fish, ape face or moth by Dean

Puffer fish, ape face or moth by Dean

Collaborative Pieces

We had a lot of fun making the different colours of paint fight each other. The big painty ones are showing some interesting things as they dry.

My Messes

I’m really excited about these as they’ve answered a question in another project I’m working on. I’ve been looking for it for ages, who knew it would be hidden in a mess?

The Epic Conclusion

I didn’t really want to waste the paint, and had this idea about a couple of cushions languishing in the cupboard for being an ugly colour. They were super cheap from Ikea a million years ago, so if it doesn’t work out then I don’t really mind. They are also showing more amazing-ness as they dry <3

Monet's Pillow by Jaz and Dean

Monet’s Pillow by Jaz and Dean

The other side of it is just as awesome. I don’t know how accidentally smushing a load of paint on a cushion can create something so reminiscent of someone so amazing, but it kind of has. Will review when it dries (if it ever does!)

Space Pillow by Dean and Jaz

Space Pillow by Dean and Jaz

This really looks like space now it’s starting to dry. I want to work some white and blue into it. I’m quite excited. Whether or not I do depends on how wrecked the cushions are by the end of it.

All in all, fun times!