Pallet Garden Update

The pallet garden is now upright, and blooming brilliant! I’m a bit addicted to staring at the colours (and then wondering if I’m supposed to be dead heading various things) (I have no idea what I’m doing).

The Raising

Paula told me not to raise it on my own. I did it anyway. If you do a pallet garden, do not raise it on your own. I almost dropped it on my flip flop clad feet. I am an idiot. After the ridiculous solo struggle, the garden was all pointing the wrong way and so looked like this:

Pallet Garden

The Blooming

It’s now a couple of weeks later and the plants have adjusted, to look like this:

Pallet Garden


The Sunflowers (Tyrion, Tyrion, Tyrion and Tyrion)

The flowers have started to come on three of them, one opened today! The runt Tyrion has not flowered though. Am not sure if I’ve done something or if he’s just not feeling very fabulous.