Pallet Garden

I am blessed with a large balcony that overlooks a park. Sometimes I forget my wasp/spider fears and grow things on it! Last year I was inspired by Mermaid Wiggle’s pallet garden, and wanted to give my own a try.

One needs a pallet, something to back it with, a lot of staples in a staple gun, soil and plants. I recommend Mermaid Wiggle’s tutorial if you’d like to give this a go! It’s excellent for small garden spaces, and you could grow veggies or herbs if you wanted.

Pallet Garden

This is how it looked when I was done yesterday. You can’t see the ones sticking out the top. I didn’t think to put those in before the soil, rookie mistake. Should have read the words as well as looking at the pictures! You have to wait a couple of weeks before making it vertical. I’m so excited about that, I hope my patience holds!

I had 43 plants in total. I zigzagged the geraniums, tried to strategically place the lobelia and then alternated in the petunias and nemesia. I was considering putting the dahlietta in its own pot, but decided I wanted one random thing in there as it felt too orderly.

This is how it looked today, the plants (all on sale at Woking Nursery) were very happy to get out of their little tubs!

Pallet Garden

People have asked what’s in there. Bear in mind I have no idea what I’m doing. I had help with making the pallet garden, and picking plants that weren’t dead/dying/wrong, but beyond that my choices were mostly “oooh that’s so pretty!”. I haven’t photographed the petunias because the flowers aren’t out yet.

I wasn’t sure about the gazanias because I didn’t think they went with the other flowers, but seeing them out today I am so glad I got them, SO PRETTY. Here are some photos showing different sections.


I’m sure I will be taking even photos more when we have The Raising.

PS: The sunflowers seem to be growing well!