Prompt: Are you content?

Yes is no. No is yes.

I am very very content, and at the same time buzzing with a desire to change.

It’s human nature to think that when we get to a certain point we will finally be happy, but actually it’s the learning and growing which brings us the joy. Once we reach the “happy point”, we adjust and get used to it and so must find more things to strive for. To keep growing.

I don’t see how we could just stop.

At the same time, I love taking a deep breath and pausing to appreciate now. Now is such a transient thing, and life speeds past without us even realising. In those deep breaths I am content, because they slow things down and allow me to consciously appreciate things as they are.

Now I am content. Now I want more.

Both these things are important. Yes is no. No is yes. Stop and go. Go and stop. Breathe. Appreciate. Grow.