Review: 24 Day 5

I finally finished watching all the 24 that has been released (I started with season 6…) and after the not that exciting season that was day 4, day 5 proved to be something most awesome.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you have, ignore the spoiler warning.

Two of my favourite characters were killed this season, David Palmer, who I wish was the real president, and Edgar Stiles.

Edgar’s not really a main character, but his small part really is so big, and it was so touching to see how much he wanted to help his mother in day 4, and how he soldiered on after her death. His relationship to Chloe has always been so sweet and interesting. I just cried my eyes out when he died, absolutely cried for about an hour. He was such a great character, the real heart of the team. He made me laugh. Bless his cotton socks basically. He was great. And his death was spectacular.

The takedown of the president, and everything else that happened with that was well written, fantastically performed, and Aaron Pierce is now my new Edgar.

I definitely need to watch Day 6 again, because I’ve completely forgotten what happened with everyone, since I didn’t know who they were when I watched that.

24 is a great show. I am worried they’ll carry it on too long, and it’ll lose its impact, but for now, it’s well worth a look and an example of good quality television – something which is lacking these days.