Review: How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul

We started our “Self Promotion” unit today. I’ve had this book about a year and a half but don’t think I ever managed to read it all properly. It’s on the reading list for this unit, and with working full time being imminent I read it over the weekend and found it to be very useful.


I will say that I skipped the chapters on setting up your own studio as I don’t plan to do this just now. I did read the interviews at the end however.

That was one of the things I quite liked about this book, the useful information with the real world experiences and then an interesting interview with a working graphic designer. I thought the format worked quite well.

Things like how to present your portfolio in an interview – simple things you’d expect to be common sense – for example showing it to the interviewer, not yourself, I think are incredibly useful.

If you’re about to go out into the real world, I think you’ll definitely find useful things in this.