Review: Rebecca BBC Edition

I love the Hitchcock version of Rebecca, and whilst it’s not 100% true to the book, I think it does it justice and makes for worthy watching. The BBC edition goes completely the other way and fails miserably. Film and book are completely different media and should be treated as such.


The BBC version is basically the book put on screen (not adapted), which makes for long and dreary watching because it simply doesn’t work. The one change they did make was to add in a sexual relationship between Mrs Dewinter and Maxim – which in the book it’s pretty much made clear is nonexistent until they have their big revelation moment. This doesn’t really add anything to the film and detracts from the vein of Mrs Dewinter’s insecurity in the relationship and Maxim’s distance from her.

Its three hours long and definitely one to miss – try the book, it’s so much better. Or if you’re really not a book person, the Hitchcock adaptation.