Review: The Dark Knight

I wrote this way back when the movie came out… oops!

The day before the big move, The Dark Knight was released in the UK. The mister was desperate to see it and so was I to some extent. We headed to the cinema straight from work, and spent two solid hours staring at the big screen.

The hype about the Joker and Ledger’s performance was definitely right – he was great. But so was everyone else (except maybe the woman who played Rachel this time, not that Holmes was much better, but still).

I particularly liked the character of Harvey Dent, and it was interesting to see that element of the plot played out. There were some really funny moments, and some really awesome moments (note: Batmobile), but one thing stood out more than anything – and this isn’t anything against the film, I loved it – it was so freaking depressing! I imagine that’s the point, but for two hours we were bombarded with this deluge of angst, and I felt rather deflated afterwards. A lot of people I’ve spoken to have said the same.

That said, eat loads of sugar to get your happy up, and then go and see it. You must see this film. The adverts are not lying when they tell you that much! 5/5!